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Language Selection in member's site

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Global Domains International has Language Selection in member's site. You can log in member's site after signed up.

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In the member’s Site, Google Translation is available for more than 40 languages, also for the above languages. So, it should be no problem for language.

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L'affaire GDI est excellente affaire pour manier un domaine international.

GDI-Unternehmen ist ausgezeichnetes Unternehmen, eine internationale Domäne zu handhaben.

Gli affari di GDI è affari eccellenti per occuparsi di un dominio internazionale.

El negocio de GDI es el negocio excelente para ocuparse de un dominio internacional.

Negócio de GDI é negócio excelente para controlar um domínio internacional.


비즈니스는 국제 도메인을 취급하는 우량 비즈니스입니다.


GDI: Global Domains International, Inc.

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