All in one Solution for private domain acquisition, e-mail, html and Wordpress, all included in $10 monthly.

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.WS (dot WS) introduction

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Private domain acquisition

Domain name of .ws .website .com .net .org .biz .us .bz .in .name .tv, total 11 kinds can be available. You can choose your favorite domain name out of these 11 kinds of top level domain.

For example:,,
Rule: your-name. your favorite top level domain name.

Remarks, In the case of .WS, it is $10 monthly.
In the case of .com, it is $10 monthly plus $19 per year.

Private e-mail service

Secured 10 e-mail accounts are available out of your original own domain, and each 1GB e-mail space, total 10GB. This is provided by Global Domains International e-mail service without any extra charge. It is included in $10 monthly. You can choose following e-mail service.

Webmail: You can check e-mail by any place.
POP / IMAP: You can check e-mail by smartphone, tablet, PC and Mac.
Email Forwarding: You can forward e-mail to your other e-mail account.

Hosting service

Site Builder, Domain Forwarding, Basic Hosting, Domain Parking and change to other name-server can be selected. 100MB Web Hosting Space is provided by Global Domains International. this hosting service is included in $10 monthly.

WordPress, Drupal, phpBB and Coppermine with sub-domain

You can create WordPress Blog with your favorite sub-domain, with your own domain. Same goes to Drupal, phpBB and Coppermine photo gallery, as below.

WordPress: Five (5) WordPress blogs with sub-domain are available

Drupal-CMS: Five (5) Drupal CMS with sub-domain are available

phpBB: Five (5) forum-bb with sub-domain are available

Coppermine photo gallery: Five (5) Coppermine with sub-domain are available

These are available, total 20 sub-domains with 10 GB.

Monthly fee for this private domain, e-mail, hosting-service and WordPress, etc.

All service is included in 10 us-dollars per month.

Servise contents:
  • Domain acquisition
  • e-mail address of 10 e-mail account
  • Hosting server
  • WordPress
  • Drupal CMS
  • phpBB
  • Coppermine photo gallery

Monthly Fee:
$10 monthly: In the case of .WS top level domain

[1] Credit card: Master card, Visa card, American Express, Discover card, Diners Club INTERNATIONAL and JCB card.
[2] Paypal
[3] And also Paypal with: Solo or Maestro bank cards
In the case of
.com top level domain, you need additional annual domain fee $10 per year.

Chance and opportunity

Company Global Domains International, Inc. (GDI) is giving all of us “business opportunity”. You can earn $1 per person, who you invited, out of service fee $10 monthly. This earning is all the way through the 5 levels.

Remarks, It is just bonus and tip.

.WS domain for Christmas gift, Birthday gift and any gift

It would be easy that you can give your relative, nephew, niece or friend their own domain name, own e-mail and also web-service with only one command, for their Christmas gift, birthday gift and any gift.

In the case of Gift, .WS-service GDI is easy to prepare. because of
all in one set internet service products.
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All in one domain service is good for personal security and keeping privacy.

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