All in one Solution for private domain acquisition, e-mail, html and Wordpress, all included in $10 monthly.

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All in one solution secured WEB-SERVER with dot .WS domain for Private USE

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All in one solutionin in your own domain for private internet service

This is html web-site for you, who wants to have private own domain, own e-mail address and also web-site, html and Wordpress, in order to keep privacy and security. This is all in one solution and internet service for private use with Web Site Internet Service Security. In this all in one solution private internet service, this cost is 10 us-dollars per month. This web-service is provided by Global Domains International INC. (GDI).

What are the POINTS of all in one solution

  • Own domain name
  • e-mail address of your own domain
  • Hosting web server of your own domain
  • WordPress of your own domain
  • Drupal, phpBB and Coppermine photo gallery of your own domain
  • All of the above can be administrated by your self, with one command.
  • You may not have each procedure of domain acquisition, name server set-up at rental web-server and et cetera by separately.
  • You can have opportunity. (If you would like to earn money.)

Internet service for personal use with security and privacy in your domain

As you know, contents of your internet e-mail is not easy to keep your private information and your secret, if you would use company e-mail and/or free e-mail service. Regarding this dot .WS service, you can keep your privacy, and also can check e-mail by iPhone, Android, iPad and any smart phone also tablet, of course any PC and Mac also, which can connect internet, with your own privacy.

And you can have your own 10 e-mail address under the name of your own domain, I think that 10 e-mail address would be enough for private use. You can share your own domain name e-mail with your family out of these 10 e-mail address.

Remarks, each e-mail address in these 10 e-mail address is independent and secure by each e-mail account. It means that all of your family members can keep their own privacy by this
dot .WS e-mail system.

Dot .WS-Security for private

Dot .WS-Security for private means that Dot Web Site Security for private Use. Generally, WS-security means that Web Services Security: WSS, it was published by OASIS. However, Dot .WS-Security for private is different from WSS, which was published by OASIS. So, let me explain how Dot .WS-Security for private is, at next block.

How .WS-Security (dot WS Security) for private

You can get all in one solution for your private internet service.

• Your own domain name
• Your private e-mail address under the name of your domain
• html web-site space under the name of your domain
• WordPress under the name of your sub-domain
• Drupal CMS, phpBB and Coppermine photo gallery are also available
The above advantage can be started by one command within 3 minutes

One command can create domain acquisition, own e-mail, web hosting and Wordpress.
Above all in one solution is included in $10 per month per domain.

Note: The almost contents of above are same as POINTS of all in one solution.

Why I am introducing .WS-Security (dot WS Security) now

  • Simple and easy for all process.
  • Everything, domain, e-mail, hosting and WordPress, is included.
  • Personal information can be defended.
  • Business opportunity (If you would like to earn money by 5-level MLM)
  • All web service fee is $10 monthly, by below payment method.

$10 monthly: In the case of .WS top level domain

[1] Credit card: Master card, Visa card, American Express, Discover card, Diners Club INTERNATIONAL and JCB card.
[2] Paypal
[3] And also Paypal with: Solo or Maestro bank cards
In the case of
.com top level domain, you need additional annual domain fee $10 per year.

Important Notice and Recomendation of this all in one solution dot .WS

Note: There are many companies, who are domain name registrar, and also many rental server companies. So, you should choose other way, if you would have many domain name with multi domain name web server. However, you should choose this GDI all in one solution dot .WS web-service if you would use one (1) domain, which is for your private and also for your secured internet tools.

All in one domain service is good for personal security and keeping privacy.

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